Dr. Laura Olsen Taylor offers dentures to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile. Using these custom-made appliances, you can not only regain a healthy smile, but also improve your quality of life. Dentures give you back the ability to chew and speak with ease so you can go about your daily life with complete confidence. To learn more about dentures in Mooresville, North Carolina, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Taylor, call Olsen Taylor General Dentistry today at 704-662-9111.

Our practice offers both full and partial dentures to meet your needs, as well as Turbyfill Premium Dentures. Full, or complete, dentures are recommended when you need to replace an entire arch of teeth. However, if you still have healthy teeth then partial dentures may be the best option for you.

Turbyfill Premium Dentures
Turbyfill Premium Dentures are a type of denture customized to your look and mouth. Turbyfill dentures are made of porcelain, and are designed so that you can wear them indefinitely.

Dr. Jack Turbyfill is a renowned clinician, teacher, and scientist who specializes in dentures. The dentures he has developed emphasize aesthetics and function to produce extremely high-quality results. Turbyfill dentures are designed to be comfortable, long-lasting solutions, and work to preserve the remaining soft tissues and supporting bones in the mouth. When providing Turbyfill dentures, great time and attention are devoted to each patient to ensure that the appliance is customized perfectly for a comfortable and natural look.

Turbyfill dentures involve porcelain teeth, a training denture, and a final denture. Porcelain ensures that once the correct bite is developed, it does not change. Porcelain produces a beautiful and durable result that you can enjoy for years to come. The training denture is used to find and correct all the functional and aesthetic issues of the appliance, ensuring that when you receive your final denture it will not wear out quickly, irritate your soft tissues, or cause any sore spots or bone loss. Most patients do not require additional adjustments after receiving their final dentures.

Turbyfill Premium Dentures have been provided at Olsen Taylor General Dentistry since 1992, when Dr. Richard Olsen completed the advanced training needed to offer this treatment to our patients. When Dr. Taylor joined her parents at Olsen Taylor General Dentistry, she also completed this training in order to continue offering Turbyfill dentures and helping our patients find the right solution for their denture needs.

To learn more about Turbyfill Premium Dentures and our other denture solutions, and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Taylor, please contact our office today.