Thanks to bad experiences as a kid, I’ve always said I would rather do ANYTHING than go to the dentist! As an adult, I understand the benefit of regular check ups and all that may come as a result of them. I’ve lived in 5 different states and gone to dentists in all of them barely tolerating each visit. After three visits to Olsen Dentistry I’ve found I can breath normally, come out without sore fingers from clinching them together, and maintain a relative amount of calm. I know deep down that as I continue to go to Dr. Olsen, I will be able to walk in and out like any normal person. They make you feel welcome, don’t belittle your fears, use just the right amount of Novocaine to kill pain without leaving you numb for hours and hours, explain what they are doing and why, and will answer any question or concern without trying to cut you short due to time. They have the latest equipment and the knowledge to go with them and are truly patient focused. I would not only recommend them, but urge anyone with dental fears to go see them!


I have had full dentures since I was 25 years old and I am 57 now. I’ve gone through 3 sets of dentures so far in my lifetime and never have I had this much time and attention given to detail. Dr Olsen introduced me to Turbyfill premium dentures and I’ve never been more satisfied. Because I had ill fitting dentures all my life, I’ve lost almost my lower entire ridge. These new dentures fit better than anything I’ve ever had and the doctor had almost nothing to work with! I never realized how bad the fit was on my old dentures until I had to temporarily wear them again for almost 2 weeks! Wow! What a difference! I couldn’t even get my mouth together with the old ones that I had worn so long. By getting these new dentures, I also don’t have the folds in the corners of my mouth because the new teeth are where they are supposed to be. The folds in the mouth corners were always getting chapped, infected and sore. When people ask me if I’m satisfied, I just look at them and say, “Satisfied is an understatement. I’m beyond satisfied. I am ecstatic”! I am so happy with my teeth and the care I received while going through all the treatment. It felt like family and that I was getting the best care possible. I would recommend everyone come and see Dr Olsen and his professional staff for any dental care you may need. They are the BEST!

– Debra P.

My husband and I first met the Olsen General Dentistry staff in 2009 while my husband was battling small cell lung cancer. From the beginning, we were both impressed with the caring attitude of the dentists and the staff. We knew we had found the right dentists. My husband needed extensive work done to help save his teeth (due to the extreme damage of radiation and chemo treatments) and he was given the very best of care.  We were given an outline of what needed to be done, the costs involved, and what needed attention first. We don’t have dental insurance but Olsen General Dentistry worked with us so my husband could get the treatment he needed.

My husband passed away last year, but I am still a patient of Dr. Olsen. The dentists and staff have been very good to me and thankfully I have not had to have a lot of work done. The hygienist is very good and is helpful with instructions on maintaining good oral hygiene. I would certainly recommend the Olsen General Dentistry staff to anyone who needs a good dentist, hygienist, and caring people to help with their dental care.

Respectfully submitted,

-Kay B.

Olsen Dentistry;

My mouth has been a happy place since switching to them. It’s been many years now and the procedures have been from simple cleaning to crowns & implants. Each and every time the completed procedure looks right, feels right, and I walk away with complete knowledge & confidence the work done was done for all the right reasons. The education I receive about how better to maintain my mouth has been valuable. They are really interested in my long term health and it shows.

Rated 4 stars on the 4 star scale and highly recommended.

-Paul G., Mooresville



I have a gap issue on my two front teeth and am very satisfied with the treatment Dr. Olsen provided me. For the past several years, I had been talking to a few dentists, looking for solutions to fix it. I really wanted to have the beautiful smiles, but at the same time, was very cautious about different solutions, considering the cost, the time and keeping my original teeth healthy. When we had a chance to consult Dr. Olsen, he explained to me and my husband patiently. It was hard for us to imagine at first – I guess it is just hard to imagine how advanced the technology can be nowadays, “you can’t see it, can’t feel it”, I was wondering “so how will you fix it??” But based on the previous experience with Dr. Olsen and his very patient explanation, I felt confident about this treatment. The result is just AWESOME! Now the gap is gone! I show my husband and in laws, they just think they are perfectly natural front teeth – it looks natural, it feels natural (It’s really like a magic, you can’t find a hint, even looking closely in the mirror or feeling it with the tongue!) Another benefit is that I can floss them everyday, which helps my gum grow so healthy. I really recommend this treatment with Dr. Olsen, if you have the gap issue on your teeth.

Thank you again!

-J.B., Mooresville


Dr. Olsen is the BEST! I have been seeing Dr. Olsen for the last 11 years. He has helped me take very good care of my teeth. I needed a lot of work and he knew exactly what to do. He made my partial and crowns very comfortable and I love the way I look. I could hardly eat before he treated me and now, years later, I am still as happy as I can be. His way of doing things seems to work really well. I have, from time to time, given him some real challenges with thing that I broke and he finds a way to make it all work fine again. I love Dr. Olsen and the entire staff!! I think he is a hidden treasure and the best dentist in the world!

-Marion E., Huntersville


After struggling for years with various dentures that were never comfortable or didn’t work well, I decided to see Dr. Olsen about my problems. I am so happy that I did! I now have one of his Turbyfill Premium Dentures and it has been wonderful. I have never had a partial or denture that has been so comfortable and has worked so well. I eat what I want and it stays in place and looks like natural teeth. I don’t think that anyone has any idea that I do not have my own teeth! The bite has been great and it has never caused me a sore spot or needed any adjustment! I appreciate the time Dr. Olsen took to be sure that we got this right and it seems that he hit the “nail on the head”. Thanks for all you do and for the care and attention you have given to me.

-D.S., Mooresville