If a tooth suffers from significant decay, the nerve may become infected. Should this unfortunate circumstance happen, a root canal will be necessary to remove the infected blood vessels and nerves before restoring the tooth. A root canal is often the best option for patients with significant tooth decay or infection because it allows you to keep the tooth and does not involve the nearby teeth. It also eliminates the pain a patient frequently has.

Our dentists may recommend receiving a root canal for one of the following reasons:

  • A tooth has received trauma or injury
  • The tooth pulp has started to die and become infected
  • An infection or abscess has developed deep inside the tooth and bone

Root canal therapy allows your tooth to be restored so it can last a lifetime. Root canals can provide function and health back to your mouth and tooth. We invite you to visit us in our Mooresville, NC office to discuss your condition and learn more about how root canals can help you achieve optimal oral health.