To better help our patients who are missing teeth, we provide several denture options. Dentures are dental appliances that can effectively replace multiple missing teeth. We offer complete and partial dentures for patients who are missing all or just a few of their natural teeth.

In addition to our standard dentures, we also offer Turbyfill Premium Dentures.

Turbyfill Premium Dentures
Are your dentures causing you difficulties and pain or are they simply wearing out? You deserve to learn about Turbyfill Premium Dentures, which allow you to have porcelain teeth that wear indefinitely and are customized to your look and mouth.

Dr. Jack Turbyfill is a renowned clinician, teacher, and scientist who travels around the world teaching about different topics, but dentures are his special forte. He developed an extremely high-quality denture that emphasizes esthetics and function. These dentures are very comfortable to wear, long-lasting, and preserve the remaining soft tissues and bones. Great effort and time are spent with each patient to develop the custom esthetic characteristics of each individual denture for a truly natural look.

Dr. Richard Olsen had the good fortune to have trained with Dr. Turbyfill. Since 1992, he has incorporated this advanced training to help patients find the right solution for their complete or partial denture problems.

The Turbyfill technique utilizes porcelain teeth, a training denture, and a final denture. The training denture is used to work out all the esthetic and functional issues. The training denture also allows time for any healing, if necessary, to take place BEFORE a final denture is constructed. The final denture is fabricated incorporating all that was learned from the training denture.

Great care is taken to choose the correct size and position of the porcelain teeth. The porcelain teeth ensure that once the correct bite is developed, it does not change. Conventional plastic teeth, used in most dentures, wear out quickly. This changes the bite, irritates the soft tissues (gums), and causes sore spots, a poor fit, and loss of bone.

Using the Turbyfill approach, Dr. Olsen has worked with a variety of difficult cases. As difficult as they may have been, many patients never required an adjustment after they receive their final dentures!

Call Dr. Richard Olsen today at his office in Mooresville, NC to schedule a consultation about Turbyfill Premium Dentures.